Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whats Brewing right now...

I have an American IPA in the bottle/Fridge, which is almost gone. This beer was an all extract kit from Williams Brewing you can google them. Well being how it was my very first home brew and all we read the directions wrong and add the hops to early (these were the bittering hops). At first the beer tasted like ass but since it has been able to sit in the bottle for 2 weeks it has really came along and is really awesome now. I'll take a pic of a glass of the American IPA sometime.

The second beer I did was a American Wheat, we got this from a local home brew store in Asheville, NC call Hops & Vines (which I like this store more than the other in Asheville, it seems like they have more choices and they are great people) we did this at my buddies house. Since I was still fermenting my American IPA we used my glass carboy as the primary bucket. Note to self, leave room for fermentation or you will get an airlock rocket that will shoot beer all over the ceiling and wall. This beer is in bottle stage but its going to take a good two more weeks to carbonate.

The third beer I have done is a Blonde, I got this kit from a company online called homebrewers outpost again you can google them. This was my first Partial Mash, which means this one has part grains that you steep and part extract. Well again I didn't read the directions well enough and ended up steeping the grains in way to much water. But I still got a good GO reading at 1.05 so the beer should be around 5% ABV when its done. I tasted it the other day it taste good! So I guess I didn't screw it up as bad as I thought, seems like it might just be more of a light beer then it is intended to be. I'm going to keep this one in primary for about 8 days then I'm going to transfer it to a secondary to help clear it up, I mean its a blonde right so it might as well look good.

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